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Our ingredients

Manufaktura cosmetics are based on ingredients of natural origin. The vast majority of our products take pride in 97 – 99.5% of their content. You find Czech beer and hops extract, Carlsbad thermal spring salt, wine, apricot, daisy and other fruits and herbs typical of our beautiful country.

Quality and the story of the used raw materials are exceptionally important to us. We are convinced that the highest quality products can be made only from the highest quality materials, so that is why we put a lot of energy in selection of the right suppliers. We definitely prefer natural ingredients for a large amount of important vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, hydrating and nourishing substances and their demonstrable favourable benefits, which have been tried and tested for hundreds of years.

Czech Beer

It contains many minerals, vitamins B and antioxidants, provides hair with a healthy look, volume and shine, helps regenerate, contributes to rejuvenation, soothing and softening of the skin.

Hops & Barley

Hops and barley extracts have soothing, hydrating and regenerating effects that improve skin texture, reduce the signs of skin aging and strengthen the protective skin barrier. 

They promote a healthy look of hair.


In the Renaissance daises used to be added to rejuvenating elixirs of beauty. 

They help soothe, hydrate, brighten and rejuvenate the skin. Part of daises are manually harvested directly by Manufaktura employees.

Meadow Complex

The anti-pollution complex from Czech and Slovak wild flowers (daisy, milk thistle, agrimony and dandelion) help detoxify, maintain balance and provide the skin with a protective shield against adverse environmental impacts.

Oily Skin Complex

The natural complex from seaweed, burdock, watercress, ivy, lemon, sage and soap wart was specially developed for greasy and problematic skin. 

It helps regulate sebum production, reduce gloss, clean pores and minimize the appearance of acne.

Czech Grapevine

Grapevine is very rich in fruit acids and antioxidants. 

It regenerates, hydrates, rejuvenates, revitalizes and leaves the skin smooth and supple.

Apricot and Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot extract in the form of apricot kernel oil and apricot flesh extract are rich in vitamins and minerals. 

They ensure hydration, regeneration and softening for beautiful skin and hair.

Rose and Rose Oil

Růžový olej je jedna z nejvzácnějších kosmetických surovin na světě, s oblibou jej využívala již Kleopatra. 

Přispívá k omlazení, intenzivně regeneruje a hydratuje, napomáhá proti předčasnému stárnutí pokožky a obnovuje její pružnost.


The unique therapeutic properties of lavender have been exploited for more than 2,500 years.

In cosmetics it helps reduce sebum production, provides and maintains needed hydration in the skin, has a cleansing and soothing effect.

Carlsbad Thermal Spring Salt

Regenerating thermal spring salt is a local ingredient from a fascinating natural phenomenon – Carlsbad springs, which are among the most efficient mineral waters in the world. 

It naturally contributes to blood flow, refreshment, regeneration and softening of the skin.

Dead Sea Salt

The exceptionally beneficial effects of the Dead Sea minerals have been proven and tested for thousands of years. 

They detoxify, hydrate and stimulate blood circulation, contribute to recovery and soothing of the skin. They are traditionally used to alleviate the symptoms of skin problems (eczemas and others).

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm extract is traditionally used in cosmetics for its soothing, relaxing and protective effects. 

It is valued for a pleasant citrus aroma. It is used in relaxation products and cleansing facial preparations.

Men´s Herbal Complex

The unique plant complex from sage, nettle, arnica montana, St John´s wort, agrimony, ginseng and rosemary provides men´s skin and hair with ideal care.

 It soothes, hydrates, refreshes, strengthens and gives energy.

Kosmetická ingredience meduňka

Anti-pollution complex (Pronalen)

Anti-pollution extract from apple, peach, ginseng, wheat germs and barley protects the skin from negative impacts of air pollution (smog, dust ...), promotes its regeneration and hydration, enhances resistance and helps slow down the aging process and restore a radiant appearance of the skin.

Mrtvomořská sůl a bahno


Oat beta-glucan hydrates and soothes irritated skin, reduces the incidence of redness and creates a protective barrier. It promotes collagen synthesis to enhance elasticity and firmness of the skin and reduces the visible signs of aging. Ideal for sensitive skin.


Oat oil

The natural lipid complex from oat grains has an excellent ability to be easily absorbed. It effectively hydrates, soothes, nourishes and protects the skin, improves skin experience and strengthens its natural protective barrier.

Kosmetická ingredience meduňka

Cocoa butter

It is obtained from cocoa beans and is popular for its hydrating and nourishing qualities. It is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that help fight skin aging and promote recovery of cells. It improves elasticity and protects the skin from damage.


Almond oil

It hydrates, regenerates and soothes the skin and improves its elasticity. Thanks to valuable active ingredients it affects many metabolic processes of the skin. It is obtained from kernels of the almond. It has been used since the Middle Ages.


Ceramides promote restoration and strengthening of the skin barrier function, prevent loss of moisture, protect the skin from harmful environmental impacts and improve its texture, smooth fine wrinkles, which contributes to a more youthful appearance.

Kosmetická ingredience meduňka

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, protects the skin from premature aging and environmental impacts. It prevents loss of moisture, soothes and stabilizes the skin, makes it smooth and supple.



Ectoin is natural amino acid, which hydrates and soothes irritated skin. It creates protective layers around the cells, which improves the barrier function of the skin and protects vital biological structures.

Hyaluronic acid

Unique hyaluronic acid of 2nd generation, made in the Czech Republic, has an intense hydrating effect due to its exceptional property to bond and retain water. It creates a protective barrier, smooths tiny wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.

Macadamia oil

Macadamia oil can deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. Its distinctive feature is the content of palmitoleic acid and beta-sitosterol, which are similar to fatty acids of the human skin and which in combination with vitamins E strengthen and protect the skin.

Lichen extract

Lichen extract is valued for its strong antibacterial and antifungal properties due to the content of usnic acid. It is effectively used in deodorants and products intended for acne-prone skin, against dandruff and in foot care. It promotes health and recovery of the skin.



Beeswax is valued in cosmetics for its regenerating, firming and protective properties. It hydrates the skin, maintains moisture and creates a protective barrier that prevents loss of water. It promotes cell recovery, which is ideal e. g. for chapped lips care.

Kosmetická ingredience meduňka

Rosemary extract

Rosemary extract is an exceptional natural ingredient, which activates hair roots, prevents hair loss and improves blood circulation in scalp. It supplies hair with shine and strengthens it, which prevents brittle and split hair.



The innovative cosmetic ingredient “bio-inspired” by natural sugar from birch wood and the brown algae intensely hydrates hair and increases its shine by 30%. The hair gains vitality and a vivid shiny look. Exceptionally suitable for damaged hair.



A gentle natural soothing ingredient from the bark of the zizphus tree is highly effective in the fight against dandruff, it reduces irritation, inflammation and itching and can reduce appearance of dandruff in 6 days by up to 37%. Clinically tested!

Kosmetická ingredience meduňka

Rice extract

Rice grain extract protects hair from oxidative damage caused by solar radiation, protects key proteins in hair - keratin, maintains the structure and a healthy appearance of hair, helps preserve its colour and shine.

Rhubarb extract

Innovative rhubarb extract deeply hydrates the skin and promotes its natural protective functions. It improves the lipid barrier of the skin and prevents skin dehydration.


Highly effective Lift Oléoactif® from the acmella oleracea and the astragalus membranaceus effectively fight aging, correct deep wrinkles and fine lines, enhance quality of the skin, rejuvenate it by reorganizing collagen network and remodelling skin microrelief.

Bambucké a kakaové máslo

Shea butter

Shea butter intensely hydrates, penetrates deep skin layers, soothes and nourishes, helps stimulate production of collagen and promotes recovery of cells, which reduces fine wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.

Complex of vitamins A, C, E

The active complex of vitamins A (retinol), C and E provides the skin with a broad-spectrum care and protection. It has a high antioxidant potential to reduce stress of the skin, an anti-aging effect and promotes hydration.

Natural Self-Tanning DHA

DHA is an ingredient of natural origin made of glycerine, sugar beet or sugar cane with the ECOCERT and Nature certificates. It is perfectly safe and healthy unlike intense outdoor exposure to UV radiation or sunbed tanning.


The centella asiatica, known also as gotu kola or cica, is a popular cosmetic ingredient with a wide range of benefits for skin, i.e. keeps it hydrated, improves its elasticity and softness, thus is ideal for very dry and dehydrated skin.

Evening Primerose Oil

Evening primerose oil has a long history in traditional natural healing and is used for treating miscellaneous skin problems. Due to a high content of valuable linoleic and γ-linoleic acid it intensely regenerates the skin, improves its elasticity and promotes healing of minor abrasions and scars.

Vitamin E

Vitamin of beauty! Very strong antioxidant, which promotes skin regeneration, protects from harmful impacts of free radicals, hydrates and improves elasticity of the skin.

Cucumber extract

It supplies and retains needed moisture in the skin, refreshes, soothes, softens, cleanses and brightens it. It helps shrink the pores, stretch the skin and reduce swelling. Cucumber is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.



Panthenol is used in cosmetics dues to its soothing, regenerating and soft
ening effects. It promotes revitalization and enhances the overall appearance of the skin.


A unique natural complex from jasmine and hawthorn rejuvenates the eye area in 14 days! It reduces dark circles under the eyes and droopy eyelids, enhances blood circulation and provides the upper eyelid with a lifting effect.

Kosmetická ingredience meduňka


It strengthens the structure of hair fibres, increases resistance and elasticity, improves overall quality and appearance of hair, helps protect hair against damage caused by heat and chemical substances.

Hops extract

Hops extract is valued in cosmetics for its antioxidant, antimicrobial and soothing effects. It contributes to healthy growth of hair and provides it with shine.

Dead Sea minerals

The exceptionally beneficial effects of the Dead Sea minerals have been proven and tested for thousands of years. They detoxify, hydrate and stimulate blood circulation, contribute to recovery and soothing of the skin. They are traditionally used to alleviate the symptoms of skin problems (eczemas and others).


Alum is a natural mineral with antibacterial qualities, which effectively neutralizes bad odours without blocking sweat glands, provides long-lasting protection and is skin-friendly, thanks to which it is ideal also for sensitive skin.


Plant glycerin is a traditional popular cosmetic ingredient. It softens and hydrates the skin, retains moisture in the skin, increases elasticity and softness and promotes skin regeneration.


Caffeine is a popular natural ingredient. It stimulates hair follicles, promotes hair growth, increases blood circulation in scalp and helps reduce hair loss. It has anti-oxidant effects in skin care, reduces swelling and improves elasticity.

Redensyl® complex

Clinical tests revealed increase in the number of hairs (up to 28,200 hairs in 84 days) due to the unique natural complex from the larch and green tea. It reactivates growth of hair, reduces its loss, thickens and strengthens hair, soothes scalp and increases volume.

Mint oil

Mint essential oil obtained by distillation of mint leaves is valued in cosmetics for its cooling, refreshing and antiseptic effects that revitalize the skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Vitamín E

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 has high antioxidant effects, helps protect the skin from harmful impact of free radicals, slows down the process of aging, improves skin elasticity and helps recover cells, which results in a more youthful appearance of the skin.

Barley extract

Barley extract is valued for its soothing, hydrating and regenerating effects, thanks to which it helps improve texture of the skin, reduce the signs of aging and strengthen the skin´s natural protective barrier.


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